Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Birthday

Yesterday while we were driving in the car I told Aidan that it was my birthday. He replied, "Can I buy you something?" It was the sweetest thing I've ever heard and it brought tears to my eyes. How lucky am I!

For my birthday I wanted to go shopping. It's not something I do often and if you've seen my wardrobe I have about 5 tops and 5 bottoms and I rotate them. My mom offered to babysit so Daniel and I could go shopping. I don't like shopping with other people because I feel like I am making them wait but Daniel reassured me that he just wanted to spend the day with me so I let him come.

We headed to Scottsdale Fashion Square because it's the closest place with an H&M. It's a great shop and decently priced. I got two pairs of trousers (one was on sale) and a shirt. We then decided to walk the mall a bit and stopped in Limited where I got another pair of trousers and a shirt. Daniel decided that I needed some earrings and a bracelet so he picked some out for me that he liked. We then stopped by Kays Jewelers. I've been needing to get my wedding ring fixed for months now. The prongs are bent. We left it there to get repaired and a little bit adjusted. I'm excited to see how it turns out. We were looking for a shoe shop. We went to Clarks and I got two pair and Daniel got a much needed pair. We justified our extravagance as we've been told it's very expensive to buy clothes in Macedonia.

For lunch, Daniel and I went to RA. In my opinion, sushi is not really kid friendly so we've never been. We ordered Pineapple Wontons, a California roll, a "RA"cking Roll (or something like that) and Sea Urchin.

(Sea urchin and California Roll)

(RAcking Roll)
The wontons were eaten before a photo could be taken but the salad they were sitting on was also really good.

Daniel tried the sea urchin first and said it was disgusting. I tried a very, very small bite and made him finish the second one. I don't think we'll order that again. The RAcking roll was so yummy. It was a thing of sushi that was then fried so a little crispy on the bottom with a dollop of guacamole and a crispy shirmp on top. The crispy shrimp was delicious and one of the best things I've eaten recently. I really like California roll but I think the thing I like about sushi the most is the ginger.

We then came home to a very happy Aidan and a sleeping Eliana. We hung out at home in the afternoon and then went to Outback for dinner with my Mom, Trever, Amy and AnaLyn. Trever and Amy are anti-photos so AnaLyn is posing for their family.

We all shared the birthday dessert.

Eliana was posing for the camera but was much more interested in seeing the final product.

Daniel had a hard time getting his photo taken but my mom and Aidan were really cute in the background.

We attempted a family shot but with two small kids this is the best we could get.

And another attempt.

Okay Aidan look at the camera.

Nope at the camera.

Okay. Let's go home.

After coming home I took the kids swimming. It's definitely our favorite thing to do in this record breaking heat. Daniel wasn't feeling well... I think it was the sea urchin. He stayed inside while I took the kids swimming and then he got them ready for bed.

Child free, Daniel, Amy and I played Ticket to Ride Europe. I won both games.

I'm now sitting up watching Food Network and updating the blog. It was a good day and I don't mind turning another year older.

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