Monday, January 7, 2013


Sorry that some of the photos aren't showing up. I'm not sure why. I've posted most of them to Facebook. Because of the issues I'm having with the photos, I'm thinking that I might be done blogging and will just be posting things to Facebook from now on. It's just a thought that occurred to me today so I'm not totally committed yet but am strongly leaning that way.


catherine gardner said...

I do love the blog and always look at it but if it's causing problems.

Sonya Oseland said...

noooo! i thought it was just my dodgy internet that meant the pictures weren't loading for me, didn't realise that no-one could see them.
ok, but if you do stop blogging, then we need to make sure we email more, with pictures- i know that's more me that needs to commit to than you. but i am about to email you tonight!

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